Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!

May 30th 2011

To celebrate Memorial Day, today’s blog is a selection of one-line reactions from many of our science party to the things they have seen and experienced thus far on this expedition.

“So many amazing experiences, trawls, dredges, and multibeam. Oh my!”

“A terrific selection of dedicated scientists, and they are slightly mad, enthusiastic and great fun too (plus penguins, fur seals and pack ice); who could ask for more from an expedition?”


“Twist’a’thon Drake Passage Style!”

“Steep learning curve – incredible research experience”

“You’ve been sorting trawled material for too long when you search through your meals in anticipation of finding animals”

“An eclectic mix of exciting science and interesting people, in dramatic and beautiful surroundings”

“Antarctica – exciting science, amazing people, fulfilled dreams”

“It feels like a different world out here, with an enthusiastic crew dedicated to a singular goal: corals, corals, corals!”

“Never a dull day with this group and hoping for some more fun times in the future!”

“So far, the new multibeam data we have collected has changed my interpretation of the geology of Burdwood Bank, confirmed what I knew about the Shackleton Fracture Zone, and given me new insight into the morphology of the Antarctic Shelf – not bad for two and a half weeks!”

“Incredible/hard work/excellent – couldn´t be better/awesome, unbelievable!!!”

“Absolutely brilliant cruise – unique sights, stellar science, outstanding people!”

“The taste of salty water from hosing off West Antarctic Peninsula shelf mud while sorting corals on deck evoked nostalgia and confusion because I am not at the beach.”

“The Drake Lake, twister, buckets of coral, baby coral, more coral, sea creatures, sauna, cake….all I need is another tube of toothpaste and a pair of slippers to make this an excellent trip.”
(P.S….we found Suzy a tube of toothpaste in case her mum is worried…..)

“Awesome science party – hard working, fun loving, data gathering machines!”

“Phew, it’s all working, everyone is happy and we are doing tons of science – perfect…”

Weather: temperature 37 °F, windchill 14 °F, windspeed 20-30 knots, sunny with light cloud 

Laura, Skip and Rhian (M. Brugler)
Mariana, Chris and Mercer (A. Margolin).
Sebastian and primnoid friend (A. Margolin).

Ben (A. Margolin).
Kate and Mariana playing Twister (A. Margolin).
John, David, Eric, Andrea and Shannon on deck (A. Margolin).
David and Suzy (A. Margolin).
Michelle (R. Waller).
Kais and fruit (M. Taylor).
Stian testing a dredge model, watched by Kathy (R. Waller).
Melissa doing some arts and crafts (R. Waller).
Laura, Skip, Andrew, and Bruce the Shark (S. Jennions).